HDR timelapse test: sunrise in Mukono Uganda

Since I couldn’t catch any sleep after 3.30 this morning I decided it was a good opportunity to do some tests with a HDR timelapse of the rising sun. Since it was a test I decided not to take more than 30 HDR pictures for each shot (which with 3 levels of exposure comes to 90 photos per shot already). So in order to have a decent amount of viewtime I used 12 frames per second for each shot (with a normal timelapse you would want 24-30 fps). I made every shot in manual mode with 3 exposures, 2 stops difference each (so -2, 0, +2), except from the last shot where I used (-4, 0, +4 which wasn’t a great succes). I used Photomatix with the Tone Enhancer to blend the shots together. And again except for the last shot where I had to use the Exposure Fusion (since the Enhancer made the picture looking horrible because of the huge differences in light). After this I imported it in Adobe Lightroom, cropped the shots to 16 : 9 aspect ratio and exported them at 1920/1080 (full HD). And Quicktime Pro made it easy to put the pictures in a sequence and export them to prores in order to edit them in Final Cut Pro! I used a Canon 550d with Magic Lantern firmware and a Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS to make the shots.






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