HDR photography

Lately I’ve been reading up on HDR photography. Mainly for the purpose of time-lapses but HDR also gives you the possibility to give that little bit extra to your scenery shots (if you don’t overdo it in post that is). This is due to the fact that a camera doesn’t have the same capabilities as the eye. So for example when you take a photograph directly into the sun, everything else in the picutere either gets washed out or underexposed. With HDR you take several pictures under different exposures and (after merging in post) helps you create a look that looks en feels more like the actual event you photographed. Of course HDR has its limitations. Moving subjects in the picture are a no go (they will appear as ghosts in your image), but it’s still ideal for landscape and or archictectural photography. In this post some examples of HDR in practice.






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