Mountain Gorilla’s of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda

Being in Uganda for some months last week it was time to go and explore some of the gems in this beautiful country. Of course the first thing on my list was a visit to the mountain Gorilla’s of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Because of poaching, disease and loss of habitat these magnificent creatures rapidly declined in numbers in the past decennia to a worldwide total of about 800 gorilla’s. They are now only found in small reservations in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC where they are protected by several conservation programs. In these three countries there are a few “habituated” groups, which basically means that through years of sporadic visits by humans the gorilla’s can be approached by visitors. And as I found out, approached very very close, sometimes to close for comfort.

Armed with a DSLR and tripod we set out in the early morning to track the gorilla’s in their natural habitat. We found them in some dense secundairy rainforest within an hour of walking. Being with the gorilla’s I couldn’t help but notice that there are so many similarities between us and them: physical features and even emotions. Presented with the opportunity to be very close to these creatures, who may not be around longer than thirty years, I deceided to film them. It was an experience which I will not likely forget. The images you see here are some screenshots of the movie, which I will share with you later. I hope these pictures will give you a good impression of the hour I spent with them and also show the importance of conservational work for the flora and fauna we have left on this planet. Enjoy!